Exhibition and Industrial Session: Cray Research                                                                                          

Parallelism at Cray Research: Applications, Language, and Architecture

Walker Martin,
Cray Research, France


All computer systems produced by Cray Research are parallel. Cray Research's success in high-performance computing comes through a complex interplay among applications, language, and architecture.

Work on applications includes supporting application vendors, consulting and partnerships to solve customers' technical and business problems, and developing novel application solutions. Close interaction among applications, software, and hardware R&D ensure that language and architecture meet the needs of application solutions in production use.

Software R&ampD includes significant efforts in standard-conforming programming languages, development environments, and operating systems. Existing hardware products span a variety of parallel architectures, with innovative features to support customer needs in functionality and performance.

Key Cray Research products in applications, system software, and computer systems will be described.