Exhibition and Industrial Session: Genias Software GmbH                                                                                          

The TRAPPER tool environment

Lars Kurth,
GENIAS Software GmbH,
Erzgebirgstr. 2, D-93073 Neutraubling, Germany,
E-mail: kurth@genias.de
Phone: +49 9401 9200-40
FAX: +49 9401 9200-92


The Software we are going to present and demonstrate at PARCO'95:

TRAPPER is a highly integrated graphical programming environment for parallel systems. The novel approach introduced with TRAPPER is the support of different stages of the software engineering process with emphasis on the specific problems of parallel systems. The programming environment contains components for the software design, hardware configuration, mapping, monitoring, software visualization and performance monitoring of parallel applications. TRAPPER provides an easy-to-use graphical design methodology which allows to graphically specify the parallel structure of the application software. The design methodology is based on process graphs which are an appropriate graphical notation for the partitioning of and application into co-operating sequential processes. The graphical notations are used during the whole development cycle, thus providing a homogeneous view of the parallel system at all development stages.

Description of GENIAS

GENIAS, the Center for Numerically Intensive Applications and Supercomputing, emphasizes a strong interdisciplinary approach to the usage of high performance computing systems for real applications in industry and research. Its main areas are applications, software tools, high performance computers, cooperations with industry and research centers, information and consulting services, trainings. GENIAS distributes a number of important software tools for parallel und distributed computing such as TRAPPER, CODINE, FORGE and xHPF.