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IBM Directions in High Performance Computing: the RS/6000 Power Parallel System SP2

Thodore Schurman,
IBM Kingston Laboratory


The products that have changed the course of civilization have been a deft combination of technical innovation and marketplace demand that sparked a revolution. That's what we are experiencing today with parallel computing. Scalable parallel systems are headed for bigger and better things down the line -- a revolution that is now here. It's the way customers will solve large problems in the future. Like most revolutions it is driven by the confluence of technology innovation and strong market demand. These revolutions happen when people take products and do things with them that were not anticipate. Parallel computers promise to change the face of computing, making possible all kinds of sophisticated, powerful, complex new applications. We stand on the threshold of a breakthrough technology for science and education, as well as for business and industry across the board.

About the speaker

Theodore Schurman obtained academic BS and graduate degrees in Physics from the Miami University, Oxford OH in 1955 and 1956. Since 1959 he joined the IBM corporation where he held responsible positions in various functions of planning and management in high performance computing areas.
1959      IBM Corporation
1959-1966 St Louis  Systems Engineer and Marketing Representative
          to McDonnell Douglas.  Responsible for selection, marketing
          installation and support of the technical computing facilities.
1967      Wichita KS  District Representative for System 360
          installations.  Responsible for marketing, installation and
          application support for System 360 technical customers.
1968-1969 Poughkeepsie NY Advisory Planner System 360 Large Systems.
          Responsible for the planning, announcement, and support
          for the System/360 Model 85
1969-1972 Planning Manager System 360 models 168 and 195
          Responsible for the management of planning and support of
          the high end of the System 360 family of computers.
1972-1974 Planning Manager Advanced LAN and Satellite Communications
          Responsible for the market analysis and business planning
          for advanced communications including coax and fiber LANs,
          digital satellite communications and image processing.
1975-1977 Manager Systems Applications and Requirements for the
          Satellite Business Systems new business venture.
          Responsible for developing the application and business
          directions for a new satellite communication company.
1978-1981 Armonk NY Technical Advisor IBM Corporate Security
          Responsible for developing and measuring the information
          security program for IBM development laboratories.
1982-1986 Kingston NY Senior Planner and Strategist for the System 370
          Vector Facility Development and Support.
          Responsible for market analysis, pricing, application support,
          marketing support tools and announcement of the System 370
          model 3090 Vector Facility systems
1986-1989 Planning Manager Application Management and Engineering
          Database requirements within Technical Computing Systems
          Directorate.  Responsible for the formulation of requirements
          for application support, programming systems and new technology
          communication facilities for the high end System 390
          processors. In addition, responsible for insuring the
          availability of solutions for these requirements.
1990-1991 Senior Strategist for Parallel Directions within
          High Performance Computing Systems.
          Responsible for characterizing the parallel computing market
          and available and projected offerings.  Evaluated the
          business opportunities and the IBM developments and formulated
          the IBM direction for parallel processing.
1992-1993 Senior Strategist Supercomputing Strategy and Plans.
          Responsible for developing market requirements, technical
          analysis and support plans and tools for the
          IBM 9076 PowerParallel System.
1994      Senior Strategist Parallel Supercomputing Programs
          Responsible for developing and implementing marketing and
          support programs for follow-on parallel systems and
          coordinating this with the development laboratory.
          Currently located in Geneva as part of the LabLink team
          interfacing European customers to the
          Power Parallel Division.