Exhibition and Industrial Session: Pallas GmbH                                                                                          

PALLAS Advanced Portable Parallel Programming Products

Krotz-Vogel Werner,
Pallas GmbH, Germany
E-Mail: info@pallas.de


PALLAS is a European indendent software company specializing in High Performance Computing. Our experience in development and tuning of parallel applications is available in software products such as portable parallel programming environments, tools, and languages, i.e.:
  • HPF: High Performance Fortran from The Portland Group
  • TotalView: BBN's exceptional parallel Debugger for PARMACS or PVM programs
  • PARMACS/MPI: Industry standard message-passing libraries
  • TraceGen: Distributed event trace generation for global analysis
  • ParaGraph+: Parallel application visialization and analysis GUI (Motif) These portability tools provide quality and funtionality across a wide range of parallel platforms from workstations to MPP/server systems. For more detailed information please press here or mail to info@pallas.de.

    About the speaker

    Werner Krotz-Vogel graduated as physicist from the University of Cologne. In the period 1984-1986 he has been the head of the software- and electronic development at Moeller automation, specialist in multiprocessor systems. From 1986 to 1991 he was with SUPRENUM GmbH responsible for systems development. Since 1991 at PALLAS as senior analyst, systems specialist.