ParCo'95                                                                                                                                                                 BELGACOM

Accepted Papers ParCo'95

List of accepted papers for ParCo'95

  • A Programming Environment for Heterogeneous Network Computing with Transparent Workload Redistribution
    Angelaccio, M., Cermele, M. and Colajanni, M.
  • Data Movement by Packet Switching Communication on Reconfigurable Processor Arrays
    Baglietto, P., Maresca, M. and Migliardi, M.
  • Asynchronous Runge-Kutta methods for differential-algebraic systems
    Bahi, J.
  • Associative Parallel Logic Simulation
    Barros, S.P.V.
  • Dynamic Distributed Data: Efficient, Portable and Easy to Use
    Birken, K. and Rühle, R.
  • Systolic Arrays for Solving Ode's with Extrapolation Methods
    Brudaru, O. and Skiadas, C.H.
  • A Communications-oriented methodology for load balancing in parallel relational query processing
    Brunie, L. and Kosch, H.
  • How Efficient Can Loop Generation Be?
    Chamski, Z.
  • Using Threads to Implement Parallel Tasks
    Colin, J.-N., Geib, J.-M., and Libert, G.
  • A Parallel Algorithm for Large Scale Nonlinear Optimization on Networked Environments
    Conforti, D., De Luca, L., Grandinetti, L., and Musmanno, R.
  • The consistent filestatus in a user-triggered checkpointing approach
    Deconinck, G., Vounckx, J. and Lauwereins, R.
  • B-Tree Triangular Coding on WK-Recursive Networks
    Della Vecchia, G. and Distasi, R.
  • A Microscopic Freeway Traffic Simulator on a Higly Parallel System
    Di Gregorio, S., Festa, D.C., Rongo, R., Spataro, W., Spezzano, G. and Talia, D.
  • Real-Time Statistics in Finance
    Dzwig, P., Falcó-Korn, C., and Joubert, A.
  • A Parallel, Multi-Level Approach for Contact Problems in Crashworthiness Simulation
    Elsner, B, Galbas, H.G., Görg, B., Kolp, O. and Lonsdale, G.
  • A Multicast protocol for parallel distributed processors
    Evans, B.J., Graham, J.M., and Loader, R.J.
  • Systematic Comparison of the Performance of Static Mapping and Dynamic Scheduling
    Fagot, A., Kitajima, J.P. and Vermeerbergen, A.
  • The Flame Front Propagation Problem on the SIMD Architecture Quadratics
    Falcone, M., Lanucara, P., Massaioli, F., Rosati, M. and Truini, C.
  • Highly Efficient Parallel Lisp Implementation on Distributed Systems
    Feng, M.D., Wong, W.F. and Yuen, C.K.
  • Parallel systems with optical interconnections: new topologies and routing schemes
    Ferreira, A., and Marcus, K.
  • Analysis of Synchronous Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithms
    Fonlupt, C., Marquet, Ph. and Dekeyser, J.-L.
  • Solution of the Sylvester equation on a parallel computer
    Galligani, E.
  • A Formal Framework for Defining and Developing Parallel Large-Scale Applications
    Geschiere, J.P. and Körver W.H.F.J.
  • Object-Oriented Parallel Software Components for Supercomputing
    Guidec, F.
  • POM: A Parallel Observable Machine
    Guidec, F. and Mahéo, Y.
  • Scheduling Strategies for Parallel Programming Environments
    Guinand, F.
  • Load Balancing and Parallel Tree Search: The MPIDA* Algorithm
    Hafidi, Z., Talbi E.G.and Goncalves, G.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing in a Time Warp Simulation Using Heterogenous Workstation Clusters
    Henrichs, J. and Fröhlings, U.
  • Virtual Node Communication on WK-Networks
    Iazzetta, A., Sanges, C. and Scafuri, U.
  • A Comparison of Two Analysis Techniques for a Parallel Manufacturing Scheduler
    Knowles, C., Collingwood, P.and Jelly, I.
  • Support for Software Reuse: The Basel Algorithm Library BALI
    Kuhn, W., Ohnacker, P., Burkhart, H.
  • Optimization in Implementing a Lenient Dataflow Functional Language on a Stock Parallel Machine
    Kusakabe, S., Yamashita, Y., Nagai, T., Taniguchi, R. and Amamiya, M.
  • On Designing a Parallel Statistical Classifier Model Based on Array Processing
    Lam, K.P.
  • Efficient Implementation of Parallel Image Reconstruction Algorithms for 3D X-Ray Tomography
    Laurent, C., Calvin, C., Peyrin, F. and Chassery, J.M.
  • Efficient Communications in Parallel Loop Distribution
    Le Fur, M. and Maheo, Y.
  • Parallel Program Instrumentation for Performance Analysis
    Li, K.C., Zhang, K. and Zhang, D.Q.
  • A Framework for Detecting Redundant Data Transmission on Distributed Memories by Data Flow Analysis
    Li, X. and Harada, K
  • Distributed and Scalable Simulation of ATM Exchanges
    Liu, W., Petit, G. and Dirkx, E.
  • GRIAP: a new way to develop communication schemes in interconnection networks
    Micheneau, C.
  • Parallel Programming Language Design with a Layered Object Oriented Approach
    Migliardi, M., Baglietto, P. and Maresca, M.
  • Wavelet decomposition : a new tool for the construction of parallel algorithms
    Montefusco, L.B.
  • Stream*: Fast, Flexible Data-Parallel I/O
    Moore, J.A., Hatcher, Ph.J. and Quinn, M.J.
  • Simultaneous Iteration in Parallel Computing Environments: A comparative Evaluation
    Murphy, K., Szularz, M., Clint, M. and Weston, J.S.
  • PM^2: Parallel Multithreaded Machine. A Computing environment for distributed architectures
    Namyst, R. and Méhaut, J.-F.
  • Effects of Nondeterminism on the Predicted Speedup of Scheduling Low Level Computer Vision Algorithms on Networks of Heterogeneous Machines
    Nolan, A.R., Everding and Wee, W.G.
  • A robust plane smoother in parallel multigrid for 3D anisotropic incompressible flow problems
    Oosterlee, C.W.
  • Specifying Problems in a Paradigm Based Parallel Programming System
    Parsons, P. J.
  • Systolic Processor for Generalized Convolution
    Plaks, T.
  • An Object Oriented Approach for the Implementation of Distributed Graphs
    Rauber, T. and Rünger, G.
  • Effectiveness of Standard Distribution Methods
    Roest, M.
  • An experimental evaluation of a replay method for shared memory programs
    Ronsse, M.A., Levrouw, L.J. and Bastiaens, K.
  • Supporting Application Integrated Load Distribution for Message Passing Programs
    Schnekenburger, T.
  • Mapping of a Virtual Computer Structure on Mesh-Connected Computers
    Slivnik, B. and Trobec, R.
  • The Recursive Decoupling Solver for Tridiagonal Linear Systems on the CRAY T3D
    Spaletta, G.
  • Industrial Parallel Computing with Real Codes
    Stüben, K., Mierendorff, H.,Thole, C.-A., and Thomas, O.
  • A Tool for Testing Communication Events in TCP/IP Environments
    Szczerba, A. and Wiszniewski, B.
  • Look-Ahead Dynamic Reconfiguration of Link Connections in Multi-processor Architectures
    Tudruj, M.
  • Automatic Conversion of Programs from Serial to Parallel using Genetic Programming -- The Paragen System
    Walsh, P. and Ryan, C.
  • A Quantitative Approach of DSM under Mach
    Van Assche, B.
  • Array Redistribution by Scanning Polyhedra
    Van Dongen, V.
  • A Localized Parallel Sorting Algorithm and its Implementation
    Weberpals, H. and Dupont de Dinechin, F.
  • A New Parallel Multi-Path Routing Algorithm for Communication Systems
    Wen, W. and Khoshnevisan, H.
  • Extracting and Testing the Externally Observable Behaviour of Parallel Modules
    Wirtz, G.
  • Software-Engineering and Parallel Object-Oriented Programming in HPC++
    Wolf, K. and Lang, M.
  • Development of a Program Information Base for the FPT Programming Environment
    Zhang, F.