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The Parco '95 Photo Page

Bag stuffing at ELIS (Friday, September 15)

Your photographer caught at gathering information booklets.
The booklets disappear in the conference bags.
The most important contents of the conference bag should not be forgotten.
Even our foreign fellow-workers were given a task.

Re-arranging the conference center (ICC) (Friday, September 15)

"Wow, this trencher is bigger than me!", two-legged Jo said while three-legged Henk was passing by.
What's the purpose of all these wires?
Our system manager is trying to cut the wires while Eric is making his 20th call to the minister of education.
"Damn, it's not working?"
"I'm not here!"
You see who does the heavy jobs.
"What games do they have on this computers?"
"The escape from Netscape."
Eventually the local organizing committee began to see the light.

First day of the conference (Monday, September 18)

The explanations during the tutorial clearly were bright.
A local celebrity opens the workshop.
At the time the welcome-cocktail started, a lot more people were present...
...but still some glasses remained untouched.

Second day of the conference (Tuesday, September 19)

This is how the room looked like when the minister was speaking.
He never showed up.

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Photography and text: Dirk Stroobandt
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