ParCo'95                                                                                                                                                                 BELGACOM

List of Accepted Posters for ParCo'95

  • Automatic Detection of Task-Level Parallelism in Sequential Programs
    Abdelrahman, T. and Huynh, S.
  • Evaluation of Dynamic Data Distributions on NUMA Shared Memory Multiprocessors
    Abdelrahman, T.S. and Ma, K.L.
  • Efficient Scheduling Algorithms for the Parallel Gaussian Elimination with Large Communication Delays
    Amoura, A.K., Bampis, E. and Konig, J.-C.
  • Implementation of Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations on Transputer Network
    Artemiev, S.S., Gusev, S.A. and Monakhov, O.G.
  • Evaluation of Multithreading on Distributed Shared Memory Based on Direct Access Network Model
    Bhatti, A.M.
  • Image Template Matching on Distributed Memory and Vector Multiprocessors
    Blanco, V., Martin, M., Heras, D.B., Plata, O., Rivera, F.F.
  • A Distributed Simulating Annealing for Partitioning Unstructured Meshes
    Bouhmala, N., Ghedira, K. and Naegeli H.H.
  • Parallel Benchmarks and Comparison-Based Computing
    Breshears, C.P. and Langston, M.A.
  • P-RIO: the RIO methodology on PVM
    Carrera, E.V., Loques, O. and Leite, J.
  • Distributed Parallel Architectures for the Simulation of Cognitive Models in a Realistic Environment
    Carreras, F. and Leman, M.
  • Genetic Algorithms Applied to Loop Scheduling in Software Pipelining
    Chen L., Cooley D.H. and Allan S.
  • Implementing a Consistent Cut Algorithm in a Message Passing Library
    Clematis, A. and Gianuzzi, V.
  • A Parallel Searching and Sorting Method to Compute Entropies from Time Series
    Corana, A. and Rolando, C.
  • A Parallel Algorithm to Compute the Correlation Dimension
    Corana, A., Milleri, L, Rolando, C. and Sciarretta, S.
  • Cellular Neural Networks: a Benchmark for Lattice Problems on MPP
    Destri, G. and Marenzoni, P.
  • A cost-optimal systolic algorithm for permutation generation in lexicographic order
    Djamegni, T.C. and Tchuente, M.
  • Parallel Fractal & Jpeg Image Compression
    Falkemeier G., Fitschen, J. and Joubert, G.R.
  • Design and Optimization of Multiphase Clocking Systolic Architectures using Algebraic Retiming Techniques: Extension to Regular Graphs
    Fernandez, F. and Sanchez A.
  • Geographical Information System Application of MultiProcessor MultiDisk storage Server
    Gennart, B.A. and Hersch, R.D.
  • Probabilistic Models of Network Routers
    Grammatikakis, M. and Kraetzl, M.
  • Parallel deconvolution and image compression using adapted wavelet packet bases
    Guerrini, C. and Lazzaro, D.
  • Portable Parallelization of the Iterative Linear Solver Package LINSOL
    Häfner, H. and Schönauer, W.
  • Matrix Representation of Network Embeddings in a Hypercube
    Hamdi, M. and Song, S.W.
  • Comparing Vectorization Techniques for Triangular Matrix Decomposition Computations
    Heras, D.B., Mart´in, M.J., Amor, M., Argüello, F., Rivera, F.F. and Plata, O.
  • Combinatorial Search using High Performance Fortran
    Hill, J.M.D., Tsaptsinos, D. and Liddell H.
  • Automatic Configuration of Parallel Programs for Processor Networks
    Hluchý, L., Dobrovodský, D. and Dobrucký, M.
  • Discrete Event Simulation of Distributed Memory Parallel Computers at Concurrent Threads' Level
    Iliev, R. and Lazarov, V.
  • An Implementation of Optimised Methods for Real-time Sound Synthesis on a Multi-processor Network
    Itagaki, T., Phillips, D.K., Manning, P.D. and Purvis, A.
  • VLSI Implementation of Linear Algebraic Operations based on the Orthogonal Fadddeev Algorithm
    Kanevski, J.S. and Maslennikov, O.V. and Wyrzykowski, R.
  • Coordination Requirements for Open Distributed Systems
    Kielmann, T. and Wirtz, G.
  • Static Scheduling of Data Independent Scientific Computations onto Multi-DSP Architectures using Simulated Annealing
    Koch, P. and Jensen, H.R.
  • Message Passing Visualization with ATEMPT
    Kranzlmüller, D., Grabner, S. and Volkert, J.
  • An Object-Oriented Query-Engine
    Labib, G. and Saunders, D.
  • The Mutual Object Machine
    Lammers, D.
  • Parallel preconditioners based on orthogonal wavelet packet bases
    Lazzaro, D. and Montefusco, L.
  • Molecular Dynamics of Solvated Proteins on the Cray T3D: Algorithms, Implementation, Benchmarks and Results
    Loffler, G. and Maccallum, P.H.
  • Public Shared Objects --- Distributed Data Structures on MIMD Machines
    Lüpke, S., Quittek, J.W. and Wiese, T.
  • Integrating the automatic mapping and scheduling for data-parallel dataflow applications on the MIMD architectures
    Mahiout, A.
  • Performance Measures of Cray T3D and Connection Machine CM-5 Massively Parallel Architectures
    Marenzoni, P.
  • Hierarchical Skeletons and "ad hoc" Parallelism
    Marr, M.I. and Cole, M.
  • Determining n-D Convex Hulls Using Parallel Facial Lattice Exploration
    Megson, G.M. and Eyoh, E.O.
  • Recursive Parallel Algorithm for Mapping Parallel Program Graphs into Pyramidal Multiprocessor
    Monakhov, O.G
  • A Circular Kohonen Network for Image Vector Quantization
    Neagoe, V.-E.
  • A Parallel Image Processing Model for Optimum Direction finding in Autonomous Vehicle Navigation
    Neagoe, V.-E., Lemahieu, I., Cristureanu, D., Hargalas, D., Constantinescu, B. and Popescu, C.
  • The Parallel LU Factorization and the Cray T3D Programming Paradigms
    Piccolomini, E.L. and Zama, F.
  • An Application of the Indirect Approximation Problem on a Heterogeneous Network of Computing Systems
    Piccolomini, E.L., Ruggiero, V. and Zama, F.
  • Homogeneous Integration of Massive Parallel Computers in ATM Networks
    Patz, Ch.
  • Broadcasting and Spanning Trees in Interconnection Networks: Genetic Programming Approach
    Seredynski, F.
  • Dynamic program allocation on the mesh-connected parallel architecture
    Silc, J. and Robic, B.
  • Detecting Stable Properties in Occam Programs
    Slimani, Y., Imine, A., Djellali, B., and Sekhri, L.
  • Interrupts as Fundamental Synchronisation Mechanism in Message Passing Paradigm
    Stras, R., Stras, A. and Chrobot, S.
  • Clustering Algorithms: A Comparative Study of Parallel Implementations
    Strey, A.
  • First Lessons Learned with High Performance Fortran
    Strumpen, V. and De Sturler, E.
  • An Improved Parallel Lanczos Algorithm
    Szularz, M., Weston, J., Murphy, K., and Clint, M.
  • An Approach Implementing Parallel Programs from Petri Nets
    Unger H., Daene B. and Achour K.B.
  • BRABO: a program for large-scale ab-initio calculations using the PVM-system
    Van Alsenoy, K.
  • Parallel Ray Casting for Natural Scenes Image Synthesis
    Verdu, I., Gimenez, D. and Torres, J.C.
  • A Cluster Computing Implementation of a Particle Growth Simulator
    Williams, K., Williams, S., and Mitchell, P.C.H.
  • Improved Program Performance using a Network of Workstations
    Williams, S.A. and Fagg, G.
  • BaLinda K - A Parallel Lisp Dialect that Imitates C
    Yuen, C.K, Wong W.F., Feng M.D., Fong K.K.
  • AFT: An Advanced Automatic Parallelization Tool
    Zhu, C.-Q., Zang, B. and Chen, T.