Exhibition and Industrial Session: Sun Microsystems                                                                                          

SUN's directions in High Performance Computing

Charles Fineman,
SUN Microsystems,
MT/Performance Tools, Sunsoft Developer Products, Mountain View, CA.


Sun Microsystems' is a leader in networked computing as well as mainstream parallel computing -- Sun has the largest installed base of SMP workstations and servers. The convergence of these two technologies, along with Sun's soon to be announced UltraSPARC based systems and its highly regarded presence in the technical and scientific marketplace, position Sun a major provider of high performance parallel computing platforms for performance oriented users.

Charles will give an overview of Sun's current family of products for compute intensive applications and then will present some of Sun's near term plans for providing HPC systems, software and tools to today's performance hungry marketplace.

About the speaker

Charles Fineman is currently an engineer for the MT/Performance Tools group within Sunsoft Developer Products. Before joining Sun in 1993 Charles was on the research staffs at NASA Ames and Carnegie-Mellon University where he worked on tools and system software for high-performance and distributed computing.