Gerhard R. Joubert, Germany/The Netherlands (Conference Chair)
Erik D'Hollander, Belgium
Frans J. Peters, Netherlands
Ulrich Trottenberg, Germany
Roland Völpel, Germany


Ulrich Trottenberg, Germany (Steering Committee Chair)
Arndt Bode, Germany
Michael Griebel, Germany
Andreas Reuter, Germany
Oliver McBryan, USA
Dennis Trystram, France


Erik D'Hollander, Belgium (Programme Committee Chair)
Ulrich Trottenberg, Germany (Programme Committee Vice-Chair)

Adeli, H., USA
Andre, F., France
Arabnia, H.R., USA
Arbab F., The Netherlands
Bjornstad, P., USA
Bode, A., Germany
Burkhart H., Switzerland
Cox, A., USA
De Bosschere K., Belgium
de Kergommeaux, J. Ch., France
Deuflhard, P., Germany
Dongarra, J.J., USA
Duff I.S., UK
Ferreira, A., France
Gentzsch, W., Germany
Giloi, W.K., Germany
Grandinetti, L., Italy
Hempel, R., Germany
Hertzberger, L., The Netherlands
Hiromoto, R., USA
Hossfeld, F. Germany
Indermark, K., Germany
Kober, R., Germany
Konig J.C., France
Krause, E., Germany
Kroll, N., Germany
Leca, P., France
Levine, M., USA
Li, K., USA
Libert, G., Belgium
Mellor-Crummey, J., USA
Mierendorff, H., Germany
Nagel, W., Germany
Oyanagi, Y., Japan
Paul, W., Germany
Petkov N., The Netherlands
Philips, W., Belgium
Quinn, M.J., USA
Reuter, A., Germany
Roensch, W., Germany
Roman, J., France
Roose, D., Belgium
Schweizerhof, K., Germany
Shimasaki, M., Japan
Smith, B., USA
Solchenbach, K., Germany
Sunderam, V.S., USA
Tezduyar, T., USA
Tichy, W.F., Germany
Valero, M., Spain
Van Campenhout, J., Belgium
v. d. Vorst, H.A., The Netherlands
Wesseling, P., The Netherlands
Widlund, O., USA
Wittum, G., Germany
Zhang, F., Canada
Zhu, C.Q., China
Zima, H., Austria


Roland Völpel, Germany (Organising Committee Chair)
Eva Eggeling, Germany
Gerd Quecke, Germany
Saskia Steltzer, Germany
Renate Thies, Germany


Frans Peters, The Netherlands (Finance Chair)


ParCo 97 is organised by the non-profit foundation ParCo Conferences in cooperation with the Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing (SCAI) of the GMD - German National Research Center for Information Technology, Sankt Augustin, Germany.

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