A full social program is offered during the week of the conference. Note that participation is included in the full registration fee. Delegates who paid the basic registration can additionally pay for the social events at the conference registration desk.

The social events are aimed at bringing together delegates in a relaxed atmosphere. This creates many opportunities to meet with colleagues.

Monday afternoon, 15 September 1997:

17:00-18:00 Informal reception hosted by the Conference Committee in the Deutsches Museum Bonn, which is situated in the conference centre Wissenschaftszentrum. Guided tour is included.

Tuesday evening, 16 September 1997:

18:30-19:30 Reception by the Mayor of Bonn at the city hall 'Altes Rathaus'.
19:30-22:00 Personal invitation by Silicon Graphics GmbH for a dinner at the inn 'Em Hoettche' which is situated next to the the 'Altes Rathaus'.

Thursday evening, 18 September 1997:

17:00-23:00 The conference dinner with the theme 'Middle Ages Feasting' will be at the 'Kurfürstliche Burggastronomie' in the town Linz/Rhein. A boat will leave for the ancient castle at 17:30 from the jetty "Bad Godesberg" (Autoschnellfähre) on the Rhine close to the conference centre. Transportation by bus will be available from the centre to the jetty. The return trip will be by bus and should arrive back in Bonn by approximately 23:30.

Friday afternoon, 19 September 1997:

14.30-17.00 An excursion to GMD – National Research Centre for Information Technology is planned to demonstrate scientific computing and visualization (e.g. CAVE).

Transportation by bus will be arranged.


Deutsches Museum Bonn, Monday 15 September 1997:

All registered participants are invited to participate in the visit to the Museum. No separate entrance fee has to be payed.

The Museum directly adjoins the conference centre "Wissenschaftszentrum" where the registration desk will be open during the Monday afternoon.

The Deutsches Museum is a showcase of scientific research and technological developments in Germany since 1945. On display are:

Many people can hardly keep up with the rapid case of developments in science and technology and their interactions with government, business and society. The Deutsches Museum Bonn spotlights these recent developments and provides a forum for critical or merely curious questions.

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