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M. Feil, A. Uhl, M. Vajtersic Continuous Wavelet Transform on Massively Parallel Arrays
T. Fink, M.M. Gutzmann, R. Weper Distributed, Heterogenous, Dynamic Computing – A Case Study
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J. Giglmayr Self-routing in 2-D shuffle networks with dimension-independent switches of size >= 8x8
A. Goller Parallel Radar Image Matching on Cray T3D
M. Grammatikakis, N. Fideropoulos, F. Howell, S. Liesche, T. Thielke, A. Zachos Network Simulation on the CM-5 by sorting Integer Conflict Functions
R. Guivarch, P. Spiteri Solution of convection-diffusion problem by Schwarz alternating method using PVM and MPI on the IBM-SP2
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S. Manoharan Effect of Task Duplication on the Assignment of Dependency Graphs
G.M. Megson, I.M. Bland Mapping a Generic Systolic Array for Genetic Algorithms onto FPGAs – Theory and Practice
H. Mierendorff, H. Schwamborn Generation of Performance Models
J. No, A. Choudhary Run-Time Library for Parallel I/0 for Irregular Applications
G.-W. On, D.-H. Chi, S.-H. Yoon An Integrated Dynamic and Visual Debugging for Parallel Applications
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S. Seeger, K.H. Hoffmann, P. Spaeth Lattice-Boltzmann Methods for Thermohydrodynamics
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J.R. Weisbecker A Graduate-level Course in Parallel Computing
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H. Zumaqué, G.A. Kohring, J. Hormes Simulation of Energy Deposition in Deep X-Ray Lithography

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