16:00-18:00 Registration
17:00-18:00 Cocktail served in Deutsches Museum Bonn


08:30-09:15 Registration (and 11:00-18:00)
09:30-10:00 Introductions and Announcements by the Conference Chairman Gerhard Joubert
Opening by Prof. Dr. Karl-Hans Laermann, Member of Parliament
Welcome by Prof. Dr. Dennis Tsichritzis, Chairman of the GMD-Executive Board
10:00-11:00 INVITED SPEAKER:
Geoffrey Fox (USA): Future of High Performance Computing: Java on PetaFlop Computers
11:00-11:30 Coffee/Tea Break & Exhibition
Session 1A:
Chair: L. Grandinetti
Applications: Biomedical
Session 1B:
Chair: A. Krikelis
Software: Operating Systems
Session 1C:
Chair: R. Hiromoto
Software: Scheduling
11:30-12:00 D. Lavenier, J.-L. Pacherie
Parallel Processing for Scanning Genomic Data-Bases
R. Butenuth, Wolfgang Burke, C. De Rose, S. Gilles, R. Weber
Experiences in building Cosy - an Operating System for Highly Parallel Computers
F. Desprez, J. Dongarra, A. Petitet, C. Randriamaro, Y. Robert
Scheduling Block-Cyclic Array Redistribution
12:00-12:30 G. Roscher, G. Pogrzeba, D. Emde, F. Neubauer
Application of a Multi-Processor System for Recognition of EEG-Activities in Amplitude, Time and Space in Real-Time
U. Maier, G. Stellner, I. Zoraja
A Resource Management System for Parallel Applications in a Network of Workstations
F.E. Sandnes, G.M. Megson
Improved Static Multiprocessor Scheduling using Cyclic Task Graphs: A Genetic Approach
12:30-14:00 Lunch & Exhibition
Session 2A:
Chair: H. Mierendorff
Applications on Workstation Networks
Session 2B:
Chair: R. Hiromoto
Algorithms: Massively Parallel
Session 2C:
Chair: W. Nagel
Software: Visualization Tools
14:00-14:30 A. Clematis, A. Corana
Performance analysis of SPMD algorithms on a network of workstations with virtual shared memory
M. Maihöfer, C. Bauer, A. Ruprecht, G. Lein
Massively parallel solution algorithm for non-matching grids in Hydraulic Machinery
D. Kranzlmüller, A. Christanell, J. Volkert
Supporting Parallel Program Debugging through Control and Data Flow Analysis
14:30-15:00 P. Beraldi, L. Grandinetti, F. Guerriero
Solving Large Scale Network Transportation Problems on a Cluster of Workstations
A. Fijany, T. Cagin, A. Jaramillo-Botero, W.A. Goddard
A Fast Algorithm for Massively Parallel, Long-Term, Simulation of Complex Molecular Dynamics Systems
E. Trichina, J. Oinonen
3D Visual Tool Supporting Derivation of Parallel Programs for MIMD Systems
15:00-15:30 A. Radenski, A. Vann, B. Norris
Parallel Probabilistic Computations on a Cluster of Workstations
R. Ehrig, U. Nowak, P. Deuflhard
Massively Parallel Linearly-Implicit Extrapolation Algorithms as a Powerful Tool in Process Simulation
J.C. Yan, M.A. Schmidt
Constructing Space-Time Views from Fixed Size Trace Files -- Getting the Best of Both Worlds
15:30-16:00 Coffee/Tea Break & Exhibition
16:00-17:30 POSTER SESSION
18:30-19:30 Reception by the Mayor of Bonn


09:00-10:00 INVITED SPEAKER:
Andreas Reuter (D): Parallel Database Techniques in Decision Support and Data Mining
Session 3A:
Chair: D. Trystram
Applications: Image Processing
Session 3B:
Chair: R. Hempel
Software: Programming Interfaces
Session 3C:
Chair: Ch. de Kergommeaux
Software: Threads
10:00-10:30 D. Fellner, S. Schäfer, M. Zens
Photorealistic Rendering in Heterogeneous Networks
J. Reid, A. Supalov, C.-A. Thole
PARASOL Interface to New Parallel Solvers for Industrial Applications
Y. Denneulin, R. Namyst, J.F. Méhaut
Architecture virtualization with mobile threads
10:30-11:00 J. Hämmerle, A. Uhl
Fractal Compression of Satellite Images: Combining Parallel Processing and Geometric Searching
D.N.J. Clarke, J.M. Graham, R.J. Loader, S.A. Williams
Paradigms for the parallel programming of heterogeneous machines through an interface compiler
Ch.J. Newburn, J.P. Shen
Compiler Support for Low-Cost Synchronization Among Threads
11:00-11:30 Coffee/Tea Break & Exhibition
Session 4A:
Chair: H. Mierendorff
Applications: Performance
Session 4B:
Chair: R. Hiromoto
Algorithms: Numerical Integration
Session 4C:
Chair: R. Hempel
Architecture: Message Passing
11:30-12:00 E. Bucchignani, W.G. Diurno
Parallel computation of inviscid 3D flows with unstructured domain partitioning: performance on SGI-Power Challange Supercomputer
St. Bergmann, T. Rauber, G. Rünger
Parallel Execution of Embedded Runge-Kutta Methods
B. Van Assche
IP Multicast for PVM on Bus Based Networks
12:00-12:30 R. Dohmen, U. Schwenn
Performance and Load-balancing of Diverse Parallel Implementations of the Plasma Code HINT
R. Trobec, F. Merzel, D. Janezic
Computational Complexity of Split Symplectic MD Integration Method
M. Resch, T. Bönisch, H. Berger
Benchmark Evaluation of the Message-Passing Overhead on Modern Parallel Architectures
12:30-14:00 Lunch & Exhibition
Session 5A:
Chair: O. McBryan
Applications: Real World
Session 5B:
Chair: W. Nagel
Software: Data Distribution
Session 5C:
Chair: G. Fox
Software: Languages
14:00-14:30 M. Baum
Performing DNS of Turbulent Combustion with Detailed Chemistry on Parallel Computers
P. Brezany, A. Choudhary, M. Dang
Parallelization of Irregular Codes Including Out-of-Core Data and Index Arrays
R. Ebner, A. Pfaffinger
Higher Level Programming and Efficient Automatic Parallelization: A Functional Data Flow Approach with FASAN
14:30-15:00 F. Guidec, P. Kuonen, P. Calegari
Radio Wave Propagation Simulation on the Cray T3D
C. Germain, F. Delaplace
Compiling the Block-Cyclic Distribution
B. Stein, Ch. de Kergommeaux
Interactive Visualization Environment of Multi-threaded Parallel Programs
15:00-15:30 U. Jakobus
Parallel Computation of the Electromagnetic Field of Hand-Held Mobile Telephones Radiating Close to the Human Head
M. Gerndt
Unstructured Templates for Programming Irregular Grid Applications on High Performance Computers
O. Haan
On the Portability of Parallel Programs
15:30-16:00 Coffee/Tea Break & Exhibition
16:00-17:30 6A: INDUSTRIAL SESSION (1)
F. Baetke (HP): Towards a Uniform HPC-Architecture? Status and Trends at Processor and System Levels
W. Kroj (SUN): hpc@sun, Strategies and Products for HPC
W. Krotz-Vogel (Pallas): PALLAS Parallel Tools from Workstations to TeraFlops Computers
J. Pareti (DEC): High Performance Technical Computing at Digital


09:00-10:00 INVITED SPEAKER:
Argy Krikelis (UK): Parallel Multimedia Computing
Session 7A:
Chair: A. Krikelis
Applications: Communication
Session 7B:
Chair: N. Kroll
Algorithms: New Implementations
Session 7C:
Chair: D. Trystram
Architecture: Race Detection
10:00-10:30 E. Brakkee, K. Wolf, D. Phuoc Ho, A. Schüller
Coupling Industrial Simulation Codes on Parallel Computers using a Communications Library
El M. Daoudi, A. Lakhouaja Parallel implementation of the Jacobi method K. Audenaert
Maintaining Concurrency Information for On-the-fly Data Race Detection
10:30-11:00 D. El Baz, D. Gazen, P. Spiteri, J.C. Miellou, M. Jarraya
Flexible Communication for Parallel Asynchronous Methods with Application to a Non-linear Optimization Problem
H.-Ch. Dahmen, U. Gläser, H. T. Vierhaus
A parallel Approach Solving the Test Generation Problem for Synchronous Sequential Circuits
M. Ronsse, K. De Bosschere
J iT I : Tracing Memory References for Data Race Detection
11:00-11:30 Coffee/Tea Break & Exhibition
Session 8A:
Chair: F. Hossfeld
Algorithms: Code Optimization
Session 8B:
Chair: H. Mierendorff
Software: Automatic Parallelization
Session 8C:
Chair: A. Krikelis
Architecture: Performance Analysis
11:30-12:00 N. Attig, S. Güsken, P. Lacock, Th. Lippert, K. Schilling, P. Ueberholz, J. Viehoff
Highly Optimized Code for Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics on the CRAY T3E
F. de Dinechin, T. Risset, S. Robert
Hierarchical Static Analysis for Improving the Complexity of Linear Algebra Algorithms
G. Jones, N. Topham
The Effect of Restricted Instruction Issue Width on an Access Decoupled Architecture
12:00-12:30 T. Trautmann, E. Strohmaier
Explicit Cloud Microphysics and Code Parallelization: Performance on a Distributed Shared Memory Computer
K. Birken
Semi-Automatic Parallelisation of Dynamic, Graph-based Applications
C.-Ta Ching, Y. Liao, M. Lu
Performance Analysis of the Palindrome Network
12:30-14:00 Lunch & Exhibition
14:00-15:00 Panel Discussion
Chair: O. McBryan
Parallel Computing and the Evolution of Cyberspace
15:00-15:30 Coffee/Tea Break & Exhibition
15:30-17:30 INDUSTRIAL SESSION (2)
H. Mühl-Kühnert, P. Haas (ASCEND/RUS): Present and Future Interconnects of Parallel Computers via High Speed Network
U. Knaak (Parsytec): Low-Cost Parallel Computing for Industrial Applications
R. Kirschnick (Visual Numerics): Analysis and Parallelization of FORTRAN Programs with APR/distributed FORTRAN Libraries DNFL on IMSL basis
B. Reichel (SCI/CRAY/FZ Jülich): Selected Applications on the Parallel Computer CRAY T3E
17:30-23:30 Boat trip on the Rhine & Conference Dinner


09:00-10:00 INVITED SPEAKER:
Klaus Stüben (D): Europort-D: Commercial Benefit of Using Parallel Technology
Session 10A:
Chair: K. Stüben
Applications: Real World
Session 10B:
Chair: N. Kroll
Algorithms: Preconditioners
Session 10C:
Chair: O. McBryan
Software: Object Oriented
10:00-10:30 C. Luchini
Modeling Cometary Dust and Gas Coma with a Three Dimensional, Anisotropic Multiple Scattering Distributed Processing Code
A. Basermann, B. Steffen
Preconditioned Solvers for Large Eigenvalue Problems on Massively Parallel Computers and Workstation Clusters
M. Di Santo, F. Frattolillo, W. Russo, E. Zimeo
A Run-time Support for Object-Oriented Parallel Programming on Networks of Workstations
10:30-11:00 B.A. Tanyi, J. Darlington, B. Rustem
Parallelization of a Robust Nonlinear Optimization Algorithm
N. Eicker, A. Frommer, H. Hoeber, Th. Lippert, B. Medecke, G. Ritzenhöfer, K. Schilling, G. Weuffen
A Scaleable Parallel SSOR Preconditioner for Efficient Lattice Computations in Gauge Theories
P. Launay, J.-L. Pazat
Generation of distributed object-oriented programs
11:00-11:30 Coffee/Tea Break & Exhibition
Session 11A:
Chair: D. Trystram
Applications: Flow Calculations
Session 11B:
Chair: N. Kroll
Algorithms: Preconditioners
Session 11C:
Chair: R. Hempel
Software: Data Oriented
11:30-12:00 S. Rathmayer, F. Unger
Parallelizing CFX-TfC, a State of the Art Industrial CFD Package
S. Allmaier, S. Dalibor, D. Kreische
Parallel Graph Generation Algorithms for Shared and Distributed Memory Machines
D. Ahr, A. Bäcker, O. Krämer-Fuhrmann, H. Mierendorff, H. Schwamborn, K. Wolf
WINPAR – Windows-based Parallel Computing
12:00-12:30 G. Rünger, R. Ruth
Parallel Simulation of Flows in Sewer Network Systems
M. Griebel, G. Zumbusch
Parallel Multigrid in an Adaptive PDE Solver Based on Hashing
V. Gülzow, F. Foelkel, T. Diehl
About the Parallelization of Climate Models
12:30-13:00 U. Becker-Lemgau, M.G. Hackenberg, B. Steckel, R. Tilch
Parallel Multigrid in the Simulation of Metal Flow
S. Domas
A Parallel Implementation of a "Symmetric Matrix Product"
M. Lange, U. Riedel, D. Thvenin, J. Warnatz
Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Reactive Flows Using Massively Parallel Computers
13:00-13:15 Closing Session
13:15 Lunch
14:30-17:00 Excursion to GMD

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