Bologna, Italy 12-15 September 2017

Conference Proceedings

The ParCo2017 conference proceedings were finalised for publication and the book was submitted for printing. As soon as the printed books are available these will be sent to all registered delegates to the conference.

The electronic version of the book will be available soon. Electronic versions of all books published in the Advances in Parallel Computing book series can be found at:

Single papers from each book can be purchased separately.

Subsequent Publication of Papers from Proceedings

Many inquiries were received from authors about the possibility to publish extended versions of papers at a later stage in journals. Please see the information included under Proceedings for details about the Author Copyright Agreement with the publisher.

Publication of the Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of ParCo2017 will be published as a volume in the Advances in Parallel Computing book series, IOS Press, Amsterdam, New York and Tokyo.

Please check Author Instructions for the preparation of manuscripts.

Manuscripts can be prepared with any suitable word processor, e.g. Pages, LibreOffice, etc., as long as these adhere to the typing instructions.

Organisation of ParCo2019

The organisation of ParCo2019 is progressing well and a final announcement will be made soon.