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Fifth International Conference on Parallel Computing
September 19-22, 1995
Gent - Belgium

ParCo'95 is the continuation of a series of international conferences on parallel computing started more than a decade ago. The focus is on the application of all types of parallel computers. The last conference, ParCo93, was held in Grenoble, France. Previous conferences were held in Berlin, Leiden and London. The aim of the conference is to give an overview of the state-of-the-art of the development, application and future trends in parallel computing. The emphasis will be on applications of all types of parallel computers, including vector and array processors, distributed systems, data flow machines, multi-stage systems, cellular/systolic architectures, neural nets. This year's conference is hosted by the Vakgroep Electronica en Informatiesystemen of the Universiteit Gent. This year's conference is sponsored by Belgacom, Cray Research, Elsevier Science Publishers, and IBM.

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